Mother, wife & blogger.

I am Siobhan, a thirty-something forever dreamer, teacher and writer from South West London. In 2019 I left my job as a class teacher to take care of my son from home and am learning to live frugally, inspired often by notions of minimalism and the zero waste movement.

I have always been a keen website designer, having created my first blog as a teenager in 2003. For around fourteen years I dabbled in designing fan sites and then finally moved on to blogging and personal websites prior to my son being born in 2018.

When I’m not maintaining things online I spend my free time going for walks, scouring recipe books and writing young adult fiction. It is my dream one day to have a novel published (and also eat my weight in Japanese cooking).

As an adult, I am beginning to catch the travel bug, and am keen to visit many new places with my little family as my son grows older.

I am always delighted to hear from visitors to my website, so if you have anything to say please send me an email by visiting the contact page.